EcoTech Mining Pty Limited currently has three team members. A brief profile for each member is provided below:

Michael Noakes is a career environmental and metallurgical engineer with extensive corporate and consulting experience in the mineral resources industry. He has worked in research and development, and as an operator, with CRA (Bougainville Project), The Anaconda Company (U.S.A.) and Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals Corporation (U.S.A.). On returning to Australia in 1979 he established a very successful consulting company in Sydney and has since worked on numerous resource projects in Australia and overseas. During this time he has identified many operations that are wasteful of their resources discarding large proportions of their contained metal values either by operating at poor metallurgical recoveries (for whatever reason) or by not realising their full values because of high net smelter or refining charges imposed by remote tertiary metallurgical treatments. In addition, some operations are developing huge environmental liabilities due to improper waste disposal and other unsustainable practices. This led Michael and the team to develop the concept of EcoTechnology which addresses many of these problems.

Chris Sylvester is a metallurgical engineer with extensive experience in operations and design in the mining and mineral industries in addition to financial and marketing expertise at a corporate board level. He has demonstrated this experience in international project development and project management of multi-disciplinary teams with a strong cost driven and investment return focus. He also has considerable experience in the magnesia and magnesium industries as well as rare earths, uranium and other less common commodities.

Gary Cochrane is a company director and mining engineer in both private and public companies. His experience in the mining, engineering and construction industry has included senior management and technical roles at operating mines in Australia and Papua New Guinea. He has spent many years as an international mining and management consultant to the coal and hard rock mining industries. His international experience has covered China, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In the past few years he has built his own international consulting business which provides a high level advisory service for mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, valuations and mine audits.