EcoTech Mining Pty Limited holds the Intellectual Property for a series of new technologies for difficult to treat base and precious metals ores, concentrates, tailings and slags. All the “EcoTechnologies” use the first step of “Selective Chlorination” with a closed circuit chlorine/hydrochloric acid gas stream in a moderate temperature EcoTech reactor with reactor gases generated on site from low cost reagents such as common salt and pH neutralising reagents. Acid leaching using self generated acid is used to treat the chlorinated products with the exception of the EcoLead Process which uses a caustic leach. Energy requirements are likely to be minimal as the EcoTech chemical reactions are all exothermic. Waste products are environmentally benign. The Company has registered the names: EcoGold® EcoCopper® EcoZinc® EcoLead® EcoNickel® Several years of successful research and development have proved the concepts at a laboratory bench and pilot plant scale. A pre-Feasibility Study has been completed by an independent engineering company for a commercial demonstration plant to be located at a yet to be selected resource site currently under investigation. Metal extractions (gold, silver, zinc, lead, copper, etc.) on numerous different mineral resource types (ores, concentrates, tailings, slags, etc.) have consistently given greater than 95% extraction of value minerals even on the most refractory of materials. Metallurgical performances are far superior to conventional processes (including flotation) since final saleable products are produced on site avoiding the off site smelting, refining and shipping charges normally associated with tertiary processing. A significant advantage of EcoTech is that toxic metals such as arsenic are rendered environmentally benign and stable for off site waste disposal which offers a huge technological advantage over other known processes. An EcoTech plant can be retrofitted to an existing operating plant, a green fields resource, or to stockpiled waste, tailings or slag dumps. EcoTech Mining Pty Limited is currently in a position to technically evaluate resource projects on a commercial basis from bench top scale through to 5kg pilot plant operations and the Company would be pleased to discuss suitable metallurgical approaches for your difficult to treat resources.